Farah Yazid was born in July 1993 in East Atlanta, Ga. She started drawing at age 6 and with a little encouragement from her father and art teacher it became a hobby that slowly grew into passion. She started off drawing people and clothing finding her inspiration in fashion moguls like Kimora Lee Simons, and Tyra Banks. As she grew up she realized she just wanted to create!  Anything and everything. College and a 9 to 5 was just not for her. She started Designs by Farah in 2010 after graduating high school.  It started as drawings and photography and now, 4 years later she has expanded to fashion, modeling, painting, photoshop, nails, hair and beauty. Designs by Farah combines abstract and modern styles inspired by anything and everyhting around her. She prides herself on her unique style that is constantly evolving. She plans to keep pushing forward and grow her business as much as she can.