Halloween Dress - My Journey

Its October! Halloween is quickly approaching. If you didnt know, Halloween is my most favorite holiday ever. I LOVE to dress up. I mean, I want to be a wardobe designer what more can you expect? lol

Anyway, Halloween 2014 I was Jessica Rabbit from "Who framed Roger Rabbit" and instead of going out and buying a dress, i went out and bought fabric! This dress took alot of effort. Its the first dress ive ever completed and I am more than proud. There was only one part I could do without and thats the zipper. Why are zippers so hard to put on? It ended up slightly to the right side of the back of the dress, rather than straight down the middle (the way i wanted it). I wore it with a long red wig and a faux fur vest, so thankfully, it went unnoticed. And overall, i looked HAWT!

Pictures below:


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