Rebel Bingo LA

Hello readers,

I went to this really fun event this weekend called Rebel Bingo. Pretty much you get a bingo sheet when you walk in and you party! then they play a round of bingo, do a quick competition, and the winner gets a prize! I went with a few friends and with a group effort we won a traveling speaker/radio/ipod dock. it was amazing! Gotta love LA!

Anyway, this is what I wore. Faux fur vest, Bandeau top (JCPenny), High waisted leatherette shorts, a super cool statement necklace, and bling tats! (courtesy of Soul Scape in Encinitas,CA) Arent they fun? The bag (which you cant really see) I call it my "party purse" its just big enough for the essentials. Its from one of my favorite designers Betsey Johnson. #fab

I did a twist out on my hair and just fluffed it with some kinky curly. I love how wild it looks.

hope you enjoyed this outfit as much as I did! It was a night of compliments.


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