Tie Dye Experiment


Todays post is about wardrobe revamping. This top was a super cute and off white but I spilled some grean liquid on the bottom of it. I decided I wasnt going to let it go to waste because I enjoyed the cut of it so much. So i decided id tie dye it. Had no real expectations for how it would come out but I love it! (close up of top below)

As for the rest of the outfit: the boots were a lucky find. I was at the mall with a friend and just so happened to walk into Pacsun. They were having a sale and i couldnt resist! the high waisted skinny jeans are from GoJane. I call them my sexy pants because they make my butt and legs look amazing! lol the ring is from H&M

hope you like it


Instagram - So i decided to wear the top a tie dyed i few weeks back #fashion #s
Instagram - I love these boots for many reasons 1. They're grey. I rarely find g
Instagram - A closer look at my tie dye top. And my accessories for the day.jpg

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